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Loss Prevention

At Townsend Mutual, we don’t just take your money and hope for the best.

Rather, we go that extra mile to ensure that you and your loved ones are truly protected with knowledge and sound advice. At our expense, our Risk Control Specialist will visit your property and prepare a detailed Evaluation Report, to ensure you are aware of any issues that might become a concern in the future. This service is just another way we strive to provide peace-of-mind protection.

Meet our Risk Control Specialist, Tim Coates

Tim Coates

I was born and raised in Norfolk County, and reside here with my wife and two children. I have been with Townsend Mutual as a Risk Control Specialist since 2001 and have been a certified WETT inspector since 2004. I work closely with Townsend Mutual clients to ensure areas of risk are identified. Currently, I am the Vice Chair of the Ontario Mutual Loss Prevention League, through OMIA (Ontario Mutual Insurance Association) and act as Townsend’s Safety Representative. In my spare time I can be found at one of the many arenas in Ontario, where I volunteer for both of my children’s hockey teams. In addition, I’m proud to be an active executive member of the Norfolk Hericanes.