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Condominium Policy Coverage

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Coverages Plus Form
Personal Property Direct Physical Loss or Damage
Personal Property - Off Premises Included to Personal Property Limit
Additional Living Expenses 20% of Personal Property
Unit Improvements 400% of Personal Property
Additional Protection for Building 400% of Personal Property
Loss Assessment Charges 400% of Personal Property
Deductible Assessment of Condo Corp. Insurance $25,000
Personal Liability Available limits start at $1,000,000
Voluntary Medical Payments $5,000
Voluntary Property Damage $2,000
Special Limits
Jewellery, Watches, Gems, Furs $6,000
Coin & Bank Note Collection $500
Sports Cards & Memorabilia, Comic Books $2,500
Stamp Collections $2,000
Silverware, Goldware, etc. $10,000
Business Books, Tools & Instruments $5,000
Securities, Deeds, Manuscripts, etc. $5,000
Money, Bullion or Cash Cards $500
Lawn & Garden Tractors, Golf Carts $15,000
Watercraft & Equipment $3,000
Computer Software $3,000
Antiques Depreciated Value
Motorized Vehicle Parts (not yet installed) $3,000
Bicycles & Related Equipment $2,000 per item
Utility Trailers $1,000
Personal Transporters $1,000
Additional Coverages
Damage to Your Unit from Theft, Attempted Theft or Interior Vandalism Up to $500
Lawns, Outdoor Trees, Shrubs & Plants 5% of Personal Property Limit (Maximum of $1,000 per item)
Pollution Damage to Insured Premises $5,000
Credit/Debit Cards, Counterfeit Money, etc. $5,000 (No deductible)
Inflation Protection Included
Safety Deposit Box $10,000
Lock Replacement (if keys are stolen) $500 (No deductible)
Freezer Contents $3,000 (No deductible)
Fire Department Charges $3,000 (No deductible)
Arson or Theft Conviction Reward $1,000 (No deductible)
Emergency Services Forced Entry $5,000 (No deductible)
By-Law Coverage $10,000
Identity Fraud $10,000
Power Fluctuation $10,000
Student Property (Away From Home) $10,000 per student
Sewer, Septic, Drain or Sump Backup* $25,000
Tombstones, Headstones & Monuments Optional Coverage

*Subject to underwriting approval. May be available for purchase for Standard Form or higher limits may be available for an additional premium on Plus Form. Note: this coverage may be deleted or the limits may be reduced after a claim.

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