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Amalgamation Information

Background and Official Notice
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If you are not insured with Townsend Mutual yet, then this message may not be for you. It’s okay to stop reading now.

But if you are one of our valued customers, then you are also one of our members. We don’t have any shareholders. Instead, a mutual insurance company like Townsend is accountable to our members. We exist only for your benefit. You are in the driver’s seat, and we want to let you know about something important.

We have been serving our members along Ontario’s south coast since Queen Victoria was in charge. From the very beginning, we’ve had to adapt and evolve to meeting the ever-changing needs of our members. Today, we successfully compete with the largest insurers in Canada, and all for the good of our members.

Now it’s time for another step. Your Board of Directors sought out and carefully chose Caradoc Delaware Mutual Insurance Company as an amalgamation partner. We’ve done a lot of homework, and your Directors unanimously recommend that we amalgamate with Caradoc Delaware Mutual. Based in Mount Brydges, near London, they share our values and we believe that together we are stronger.

But we need your approval. It’s up to you.

You may have more questions. We’d like to answer them! Please feel free to contact us. But first, can you take a look at the links below? There is a lot of information there. Some of it is dry, legal stuff...sorry about that. But we hope that you can catch our passion as we prepare for a new, even stronger, mutual insurance company based in both Waterford and Mount Brydges.

More Information on our Amalgamation:
Background and Official Notice
Blank Proxy Form
Amalgamation Agreement (as approved by the Board of Directors and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario)
Certificate and Declaration
By-Law 2018-1 (as approved by the Board of Directors and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario)
Our Business Plan
Frequently Asked Questions
Caradoc Delaware Mutual website